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Ending Abuse Through Education

Circus Animal Abuse
For more than 30 years, the founders of Humanity Through Education protested and documented the abuse of animals exploited by Ringling Bros. Circus. Hundreds of local activists joined us as we educated the public about the animal abuse at each Ringling show in the greater Bay Area for all those years. And it paid off!

Due to the public education about the animal abuse the 147-year-old Ringling Bros. Circus shutdown in May 2017.

However, while Ringling is no longer using elephants for its circus performances Ringling continues to abuse these poor elephants at its torture chamber in Florida where they are beaten with bullhooks and whips and chained for at least 15 hours a day. Ringling has also distributed some of its elephants to various zoos which house elephants in small, inadequate enclosures. 

Just because the elephants are out of sight we cannot forget them! We must keep them in our minds and the minds of patrons if they are ever going to be free of Ringling’s abuse and be able to live as peacefully and freely as possible in captivity.

For more information and to help these poor elephants who deserve better, please visit

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